Insane Military Pull Up record

Big thanks to the Norwegian Army for letting us be part of the Telemark Battalion for 24 hours!
Check out​ for more info about the Norwegian Army.
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Filmed by Markus Skaane, edited by Magnus Midtbø
Military fitness test.
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  1. Dolan Trump

    Dolan Trump

    3 timer siden

    Jan Sebastian Bach - Air on string G

  2. Maxe


    5 timer siden

    Lol that Commercial made me laugh so hard .. ... hahaha God that was golden !

  3. DmG_Diego


    8 timer siden

    I’m extremely unhappy with the way I look. I swear if I could be forced by this guys to wake up everyday at four in the morning to work my ass out I would get fit in two weeks lmao.

  4. Maraton Legendele Nemirei

    Maraton Legendele Nemirei

    9 timer siden

    Swing ups don't count!

  5. djkommando


    11 timer siden

    I'm so confused... He asks the standard and gets a vague roundabout answer. Thats not how minimum standards work.

  6. Chris Bentley

    Chris Bentley

    11 timer siden

    I want one of those sit-up vertical benches just to relax and stretch the back.

  7. James G

    James G

    11 timer siden

    When I was in, our unit best was a 17 min chin-up, but I can’t remember what the pull-up was.

  8. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy

    13 timer siden

    I’m not even from Norway, but these videos made me proud of all of you guys. Well done.

  9. Francesco Schettino

    Francesco Schettino

    15 timer siden

    no chance a skinny guy like that just presses 90 kg without training the bench press

  10. ScanDiiFPS


    16 timer siden

    ‘Helt up’ ‘helt up’

  11. Paul Darns

    Paul Darns

    Dag siden

    Machines. 👍🏻🍀🍀🍀

  12. Say When

    Say When

    Dag siden

    L5 has left the chat

  13. DangerMouse


    Dag siden

    Ah cool. The battalion that was behind the sabotage of the heavy water plant in WWII. Legendary stuff!

  14. drag Lesnar

    drag Lesnar

    Dag siden

    I had lactic acid build up watching this

  15. Temerold


    Dag siden

    stone, paper, scissors

  16. Temerold


    Dag siden

    genomsnitt, vad är det på engelska?

  17. Asad T

    Asad T

    Dag siden, is their website in English. It was a great video and it was amazing seeing the Telemark Bn and their standards. We always watch the Americans and the Brits but after watching this video i must conclude, Norwegian Soldiers are tough And their training seems quite demanding which makes me even more interested in getting to know about them. This video about Telemark Bn was different, very interesting and informative. It makes us more curious about tactics and standards of Norwegian Army. Respects and Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  18. JM


    Dag siden

    Norwegians are so awesome. (Comment not solely based on this video alone hahaha). These guys are amazing.

  19. MisterBorocco


    Dag siden

    This is in Rena, Norway? Why the fuck are'em talking english?

  20. Chad Call

    Chad Call

    Dag siden

    Nearly all of these guys have sandy-blonde, almost reddish hair, but when Americans think of red-heads, they think scottish or irish. It's funny because, knowing history, I know those "wikings" are why the scotts and irish have a lot of red hair ;) My eldest son has similar sandy-blonde hair.

  21. Im Patriot

    Im Patriot

    Dag siden

    John Walker

  22. Mike Argentiero

    Mike Argentiero

    Dag siden

    Mag use your legsss!!! 🤣🤣

  23. ericvideo


    Dag siden

    The Norwegian people are special, thats why they speak English so well, they also formed the early settlers to the British isles!

  24. Soft Metals

    Soft Metals

    Dag siden

    no tie big man wins,all that extra weight he has smoked doubt tho both guys are bad ass

  25. MPM Welding

    MPM Welding

    Dag siden

    Nice one. No egos, no agenda, no drama, no messing. Reminds me of another unassuming, no ego, stand up soldier called Simo Hayha, also Norwegian, also the greatest sniper that has ever drawn breath. 'Nough said.

    • MPM Welding

      MPM Welding

      3 timer siden

      @Tenk89 Scandinavian close enough, at least the sentiment was correct unlike the information. My bad, still the best. He'd probably punch me if he was alive calling him a Norwegian, then again that would've been out of character. Thanks for letting me know as I would have had him in my head as Norwegian for years to come. What's that saying from the Tao te ching? To ask is a moment's shame, not to ask & remain ignorant is a lifelong shame. Always learning.........

    • Tenk89


      4 timer siden

      simo was finish

  26. semi-atomic


    Dag siden

    Magnus looks like Steve Rogers was rejected the Super Soldier serum, so he is just working his way up to Captain America the hard way 😆

    • semi-atomic


      7 timer siden

      @zijuiy wttuy noticed that too haha

    • zijuiy wttuy

      zijuiy wttuy

      13 timer siden

      Man ... watching that round back while deadlifting is giving me back pain 😱

  27. Bram Wildevuur

    Bram Wildevuur

    Dag siden

    Awesome spirit, terrible deadlift form on both of you tough haha hope your backs are doing ok

  28. HypoPro


    Dag siden

    37 trending

  29. Tyler Darling

    Tyler Darling

    Dag siden

    watching you guys deadlift actually hurts my back...

  30. Stanislaw Wisniewski

    Stanislaw Wisniewski

    Dag siden

    po co trenować jak wiadomo że dostanie sie wpierdol.....pozdrawiam norweskiich sołdatów

  31. Donny Cavallacci

    Donny Cavallacci

    Dag siden

    Glad they are our allies. These guys look like soldiers. US military has a lot of elite units but the rank and file service member is not up to par when compared to other countries. I live near an Army base in NYC area. I see these people out on runs. It’s pathetic. Overweight black women walking not running. Men who look like they’re gonna pass out. My 12 year old said “dad if this is the army were in trouble “.

  32. GoldenbanjoDJ


    Dag siden

    We are gonna start with - bearded axe throwing! oh...

  33. Zanidgar


    Dag siden

    Are we just not gonna mention how they went to snap city on the deadlifts?...

  34. Nesta On Chakra

    Nesta On Chakra

    Dag siden

    Pov: looking for a timestamp

  35. onlyLEVSKI


    Dag siden

    Oh god, big guy's deadlift form was shocking

  36. Joanna


    2 dager siden

    every exercise magnus does, he puts a ton of focus on form and doing it slowly. That makes it 2x harder.

  37. Joe Swanston

    Joe Swanston

    2 dager siden

    Remember when he was the random guy at the rock climbing gym he’s come so far. Deserves every bit

  38. Thibob


    2 dager siden

    2:06 That form tho...

  39. Said Karim

    Said Karim

    2 dager siden

    RIP Neck on deadlifts..... Nobody can do correct deadlifts these days, not even the military..... I haven't done any warmup.....Yea, you stupid?

  40. Mikael Lantz

    Mikael Lantz

    2 dager siden

    So bad form on those pull-ups

  41. Bryn Cowart

    Bryn Cowart

    2 dager siden

    He’s strong but rip spine

  42. BankaliciousYT


    2 dager siden

    Why have you become so sellout Magnus? Ads every 30 seconds

  43. The Sage

    The Sage

    2 dager siden

    1:25 "My best is 230..." pounds? That's wei- "kilos." oh

  44. Will Graumann

    Will Graumann

    2 dager siden

    magnus's pull-ups start at 12:24

  45. devil dog559

    devil dog559

    2 dager siden

    Bruh I wonder D gogins feels about this

  46. Sev 28-08-1980

    Sev 28-08-1980

    2 dager siden

    pretty cool, you did good!!!

  47. D T

    D T

    2 dager siden

    220 kg x3 with ease not a steroid in sight too,

  48. SpartanRage


    2 dager siden

    Haha, i know someone who can do 40 (Without weights) While this is true, dont take this comment seriously.

  49. 19ninetynine


    2 dager siden

    oh no! Magnus is bench-pressing again :-P amazing job all around by everyone! with the deadlift, you could bring your feet closer in or maybe try sumo-deadlift. your back could be a bit straighter and you were quite rough pulling it off the ground, but you still did a good job :-)

  50. Koen Reyneveld

    Koen Reyneveld

    2 dager siden

    Terrible form when the guy is lifting the 230 kg x 3

  51. soinu foig

    soinu foig

    2 dager siden

    Ich warte immer noch bis Sascha Huber den Reckord bricht❗ #Saschaarmy

  52. I'm Vengeance

    I'm Vengeance

    2 dager siden

    3:02 - Deadlift 8:06 - Bench Press 10:24 - Pullups

    • PCMasterRaceTechGod


      Dag siden

      Forgot the sit ups

  53. k3v1nsk1


    2 dager siden

    tbf the other guy did half reps on all of his pullups reps.

  54. Marine Semper Fi

    Marine Semper Fi

    2 dager siden

    my goal is to do 50 pull ups again....been 30 years since I have done it in the Marines, But I know I can..I do them super super slow and go up til my chest hits the bar.

  55. Chris Lawson

    Chris Lawson

    3 dager siden

    It's kinda crazy a guy that big doing that many pullups with that weight on

  56. seldom speech

    seldom speech

    3 dager siden

    what is that guys deadlift technique ouch

  57. SwizzArmy Nige

    SwizzArmy Nige

    3 dager siden

    Crossfitters be like, but I can do 100 in a min lol. Proceeds to kip.

  58. deavman


    3 dager siden

    2:10 I guess the Norwegian soldiers are not taught to keep the back straight...Part of collateral damage..

  59. Dominik Hamann

    Dominik Hamann

    3 dager siden

    Magnus is

  60. Nick C

    Nick C

    3 dager siden

    Of course he would win with Body Weight challenges. Mag is a freaking beast!!



    3 dager siden

    good at pull ups... but bad at basketball, boxing, tennis, volleyball, NFL, baseball, etc. lol

  62. The Parash Singh

    The Parash Singh

    3 dager siden

    Man ... watching that round back while deadlifting is giving me back pain 😱

  63. Constable Dodo

    Constable Dodo

    3 dager siden

    Why does Norway need an army wtf

    • abcabcboy


      2 dager siden

      Norway is neighbour to Russia, and has many resources like oil which is interesting to many.

  64. Arseny Shiman

    Arseny Shiman

    3 dager siden

    I love all the awkward laughs

  65. Syris Graves

    Syris Graves

    3 dager siden

    Those pull-ups were some god level form.

  66. Thomas Seillers

    Thomas Seillers

    3 dager siden

    pull ups should end, when your wrists touch your shoulders... Or am i the only one?

  67. Thomas Seillers

    Thomas Seillers

    3 dager siden

    2:10 rest in peace, this dudes back

    • Philip Shapkin

      Philip Shapkin

      3 timer siden

      @Herminator concensus achieved

    • Herminator


      Dag siden

      @Alex Low I agree, that bench form is perfectly acceptable.

    • Alex Low

      Alex Low

      Dag siden

      @PCMasterRaceTechGod i dont see how his bench was a problem in any way

    • Thomas Seillers

      Thomas Seillers

      Dag siden

      @PCMasterRaceTechGod i dont blame him for the ab one, its smart to do it fast. Slow reps are way harder. Bench looked Ok and yeah pullups were not so amazing

    • PCMasterRaceTechGod


      Dag siden

      He had bad form on everything else too. Chin barely got above the bar, if at all on most of the reps while Magnus had it way above the bar. On the bench his feet were way too far back. And he was using so much momentum on the upside down sit ups he was about to knock over the machine, and still lost. So bad form on everything, but the most dangerous is the deadlift, he needs to fix that.

  68. Slimreaper123


    3 dager siden

    My back hurts just from seeing the big guy deadlift

  69. Johnny Gjestad

    Johnny Gjestad

    3 dager siden

    you need to work on the deadlifts m8, hurt watching the way you yank it up at the start

  70. Michael


    3 dager siden

    This was really awkward I guess cause they're speaking english

  71. ASIRI Designs

    ASIRI Designs

    3 dager siden

    Meanwhile in the US, we are lowering our standards because DiVeRsiTy

  72. YoungMedLion


    3 dager siden

    Magnus got some solid competition there, that other dude was truly a beast!

  73. Alex Humphreys

    Alex Humphreys

    4 dager siden

    The fist guys dead lift form was horrific

  74. RAH Capital

    RAH Capital

    4 dager siden

    Goggins laughs at these clowns

  75. Mr Stephen

    Mr Stephen

    4 dager siden

    Sorry, american david goggins crushed this, over 4000 pullups in 24 hours

  76. Ryan M

    Ryan M

    4 dager siden

    Europe: cheering comradery USA: guy yells at you for your shoes smacking the floor too loud

  77. Eline Ellingsund

    Eline Ellingsund

    4 dager siden


  78. coldworld5


    4 dager siden

    Magnus is crazy strong. Even on leg lifts he is crazy strong hot his weight.

  79. Piscatorial Veteran

    Piscatorial Veteran

    4 dager siden

    Out of uniform? It’s the small things that American military does better too.

  80. Martijn Mols

    Martijn Mols

    4 dager siden

    That deadlift form tho

  81. eerik perttola

    eerik perttola

    4 dager siden

    Finland has tough guys in pull ups contest.24h result 5050,,,12 hour,4040,,,30 minutes 600 pull ups,,,Joonas Mäkipelto did it by counter grip and weight was about 80kg.

  82. Hasse Gullmarsvik

    Hasse Gullmarsvik

    4 dager siden

    Im a now fat guy but...powerlifting i know, im 100 + and South Sweden . Well u figure it out. 300 +

  83. Marc Anthony

    Marc Anthony

    4 dager siden

    Thank You! Awesome Video!

  84. Laurence Tarquinio

    Laurence Tarquinio

    4 dager siden


  85. Makozer


    4 dager siden

    17:18 he uses the bounce energy to get easier up ... cheating! :D

  86. brent


    4 dager siden

    King energy all throughout

  87. PoolamRules


    5 dager siden

    So Magnus could probably do about 40 pullups at least without weights right?

  88. moose wild

    moose wild

    5 dager siden

    This was awesome. Total respect to all involved and what a great group. Telemark Battalion. Modern vikings.

  89. Johnathan Seifridsberger

    Johnathan Seifridsberger

    5 dager siden

    Great Video

  90. YeeT_BOI


    5 dager siden

    älska norge

  91. Ducky Orwell

    Ducky Orwell

    5 dager siden

    11:48 So funny the Shirt part again hehehe Love this dude.. great personality, humble as fuck, get this man over 1mil subs guys wtf you waiting for! < 3 insane form also on the pullups, really high up that chin great sets!

  92. R0m1


    5 dager siden

    Why thumbnail look like gordon tho lmfao

  93. Hæren


    5 dager siden

    Thank you Magnus for your visit. Welcome back anytime!

    • KingSloth


      2 dager siden

      Official Norwegian army NOnet channel actually commented, damn

  94. Cyberdyne Systems: Skynet

    Cyberdyne Systems: Skynet

    5 dager siden

    Oooo, next time you should challenge them to a ski race. Because you all can and it would be terrifying to watch 90kg+ soldiers going full steam down xc ski trails. That guy would be like the video of the moose running through the snow drift, but faster. Ok I'll go now, lol.

  95. Ajay Anand

    Ajay Anand

    5 dager siden

    this army colab series is awesome !

  96. Kibbs


    5 dager siden

    This didn't get pushed to my subscription feed

  97. chenoo


    5 dager siden

    I'm 14 with a max bench of 140 pounds this mans max is 140 kilos and get does it faster than me.........

  98. Steven


    5 dager siden

    add 100 more pounds and you will be doign one at my size

  99. Jake Wright

    Jake Wright

    5 dager siden

    Captain Denis Amesbury of the now disbanded Canadian Airborne could do 23 1 armed pullups (switching arms) in his early 50s, he was built like Magnus. Never made it passed Captain because he would shag General's wives.